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The Prinzengarde was founded in 1981. Their function is to act as the official Royal Honor Guard for the Prinz of Karneval and to encourage the crowd to participate in dancing and clapping to the Karneval songs. They serve as the lead-in for entrance to all Rheinischer Verein Karneval events and form a spalier (arch) with their swords for the Prinzenpaar (Prince and Princess) and their entourage to walk through while leaving any official Rheinischer Verein Karneval stage.



The Elferrat, also known as the Council of Elders (Rat), was formed back in 1896 to assist the club officials with annual Karneval festivities. It is tradition for 11 or more past Prinzen to be elected to this position. Each wears a matching festive costume and decorative hat reflecting the official colors of the Rheinischer Verein. The group is active during all Rheinischer Verein Karneval celebrations.


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